Word synchronisation

patrick.neveu shared this idea 17 months ago
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Je reve d'une possibilité de synchroniser mindmanager avec word !

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This is actually doable up to a point but with some limitations and provided the file isn't too complex.

I'm writing something about the relationship between MindManager and Word for my blog, but it is actually possible to export a Word document from MindManager and then re-import it, or vice versa, and retain both the document hierarchy and many of the topic attributes. It is even possible to edit the documents at either end to a degree.

However, the Word paragraph styles have to be set up a certain way for this to work, and a number of elements can't easily be imported or re-imported from Word. As I said I'll write up something about this soon, but in the meantime the following conversation provides a starting point: https://community.mindmanager.com/topic/1586-bug-when-importing-word-documents-formatted-with-mindmanager-paragraph-styles


Thanks @Alex G. for sharing.
But the dream is indeed that of synchronization. Many of my clients share it in order to provide the same content in 2 different formats without going through the export/import.
It will also be the best way to acculturate all those who are not yet comfortable with Mind Mapping.
This is, in my opinion, the royal road to massive acculturation!