Why is the search function gone from the MindManager website?

Ary V. shared this question 16 months ago
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There are many valuable webinars, whitepapers and video's available.

Lots af them are created years ago, but still valid and extremely valuable.

For some reason they are not listed anymore in the resources area.

AND the search function has gone, so even if you know the title or subject, you can;t find them anymore.
I was looking for a video on co-editing and ......

Please re-install this ASAP. We need it, URGENT

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Hi Ary,

Are you talking about a webinar or a video? The Webinar tab on the MindManager Resources page has webinars going back to 2018 and there's one from April 2021 dealing with collaboration, including co-editing. I'm not sure about the Video tab though, and the material here isn't nearly as well organised.

I agree with you about the lack of a search function, which is so frustrating.


Yes webinars and video's

I have done a webinar myself in 2014 and the content is still very valid for my customers and those who want to become it.

It is about 10 or 12 application area's and how user benefit from using MIndManager.

I understand that they want to have uptodate info on their site, but at least a search function to get to valuable content is necessary


However, there could be several reasons why a company would remove a feature from their website. Some possible reasons include:

  • The feature was not widely used or not considered valuable to users
  • The feature was causing technical issues or was not working as intended
  • The company is planning to replace the feature with a newer or improved version
  • The company is redesigning the website and decided to remove the feature as part of the redesign.

It's also possible that the search function was removed due to a bug or technical issue, and the company is working to fix it and bring it back online.

It would be best to contact MindManager's customer support or check their social media or blog for updates on the issue.


It seems that @Tulaib P. is using CHATgtp for his/her posts.

As a long term user, reseller and trainer, these possible reasons are of little or no value.

I just want the search bar back on MindManager website. ASAP.


Thanks Ary. I think you're right regarding the use of CHATgtp, and this would explain some of the other odd comments that have turned up in the forum recently.

Why anyone would want to do this I've no idea.