How to contact MindManager Experts directly for counselling and idea development?

Carolina B. shared this question 15 months ago
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Hi there,

I'd love to get in touch with any mindmanger expert and explore with them how to best organize the data set I have in a geographical manner (using a country's map as background and then adding topics as "pins" in the map with subtopics, markers, and hyperlinks).

My biggest problem is mainly working with proportions (the subtopics become too small and the more subtopics I add, the more they leave the area of the map because the map is just a background picture).

I'd love to bounce some ideas on someone with more experience.

Thank you very much in advance.

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Hello Carolina. I would be glad to discuss. My website is


We did something similar many, many years ago.

Customer had connected a MindManager Map with all they do to their Salesmgt system (they used Super Office at that time), and an interactive map.
It worked like a charm.
Unfortunately, the people who built it are no longer with us, so we can't help, but the demo should give you something.
It used standard Database connection in MindManager to make it work

I am certain Nick can build something similar for you ;-)

See the video attached


This looks like a good solution. You could have a main map with floating topics located on the cities in the country map image. These would just be the topic name, with all the information contained in a database and/or linked maps which you click on the topic to link to. You would then publish the main and linked maps to HTML.

Another alternative would be to add information to each floating topic in topic notes, icons, tags, etc, and hide these on the topic before publishing. If you then right click on the topic in the published map there is an option to show the the Info Card with most of the topic information items. Alternatively these are available individually from the menu on the right of the published map, but only one information type at a time.

However, both these approaches are a little clunky. It would be better if there were options for the Topic Info card to appear when you hover over topic with the mouse, and for all topic information attributes to be able to be shown at the same time on the right of a published map.


Hey everyone, There are a few ways to contact MindManager experts for counseling and idea development:

  1. You can reach out to the MindManager support team through their website, where you can submit a support ticket or search for answers to common questions.
  2. You can also find a list of MindManager partners and consultants on their website, who can provide expert guidance and training on how to use the software effectively.
  3. You can also participate in online MindManager communities and forums, where you can connect with other users and experts to share ideas and get help with specific issues.
  4. You can also check Mindjet website for their contact information and reach out to them through phone or email.
  5. You can also participate in Mindjet webinars, events and training sessions to learn from the experts about the software.


Yo quiero que alguien me asista en como usar esta herramienta, tengo una Mac y no me deja ver mis mapas, estoy suscrito al programa profesional, por favor quisiera que alguien me asista hace mucho que lo intento sin suerte, es muy dificil para alguien que hable Español poder entenderlo solo, requiero repito asistencia directa , por favor espero que alguien me contacte