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Arno G. shared this question 18 months ago

Hi All,

I am struggling to have attached documents exported(included) to MS Word. Has this functionality been removed? I cannot see any advanced options to select attachments when performing the export.

I am using version 22.2.366

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Hello Arno,

Attachments in Maps currently do not export to MS Word. If you would like to see this functionality added to the MS Word Export, please submit an idea and we will monitor how many votes the idea receives for consideration in a future release.

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I recall earlier versions had some capacity to export attachments, and I checked the online help file for an older version. Apparently the attached files were saved as individual files in the export folder, with links to the attached files inserted in the exported Word document at the appropriate locations. It appears the ability to do this was lost when the Word export facility was rewritten for recent versions of MindManager.

You could try to replicate this approach by saving the files you wish in the same folder as the map, and then linking to rather than attaching these files. Then export the map to Word, making sure you save the resulting document in the same folder. The links should be retained in the Word document and should take you to the same files.

Of course this means that if you want to send somebody the exported document you will have to send them the whole folder with all the files (with or without the original map), but this is little different to the way MindManager previously handled attached files when exporting to Word.

Ideally there would be some way to incorporate attachments within the Word document, but this could be done only with with files that Word itself can include (like other Word documents) or import (like, say, image files).