Is it possible to manage multiple workflows from 1 flowchart?

Sam v. shared this question 18 months ago
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I have developed a flowchart to describe and clarify one of our bussiness process that regularly take place. Now I'm looking for a way to keep track of multiple of these processes that are taking place simultaneously. is this possible with Mindmanager?

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If I understand you correctly...

Yes you can. A flowchart is built on a freeform canvas.

If you have steps in a process that show the status, you could show these in a dashboard map that is populated via Maps roll up.


Dear Ary,

Thanks for this quick reply. I'm not sure what you mean with Maps roll up. What i mean is the following: Let's say we have a recruitment process to hire a new candidate for a certain position. The process is described in a Mindmanager flowchart. Then we have 5 candidates and each candidate follows the described process. Is it possible to enter each candidate into the process and get an overview of the 5 processes, that shows e.g. in which stage each candidate is in?

Thanks again.



Hi Sam,

Thanks for clarifying

In that case my suggestion would be to create a TAG for each candidate.

You can move the tags from topic to topic with drag and drop in your flowchart and thus see where each candidate is in the process

NOTE: The Tag view does not allow multiple tags in a topic, so the best way to find out how many candidates are in a process step, is via Filtering


It is possible to manage multiple workflows from one flowchart, but the complexity of the flowchart can increase significantly as the number of workflows grows. One way to manage multiple workflows from one flowchart is to use a hierarchical structure, where the top level of the flowchart represents the different workflows, and each workflow