I just signed up for a trial and find the documentation very lacking. Why does the import option not

Joe G. shared this question 14 months ago
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Hi Joe,

Could you post the rest of your question in a comment?

In relation to MindManager 22 documentation, have you had a look at the online Help yet? This is now arranged into seven topic areas each of which has a range of detailed articles which cover most aspects of the program.

Unfortunately, the company in its wisdom seems to have elected not to publish either the searchable and more comprehensive online help available with earlier versions, nor the downloadable PDF User Guide which was also provided previously. However, this documentation is still available for version 21 which is not significantly different to version 22. The V21 online help is available at:


The V21 User Guide PDF is available at:



Thanks for the response - will seek out those links


For some reason it truncated my question. I am not given the option to import on my File dropdown - just wondering where that function is found. I seek to import some XMind files and was told that is possible.


You have ( the trial ) MindManager for Windows installaed.

Go to File=>Import=> Xmind

Now you have to select your Xmind file from the location where you have stored it.
Local or one of the cloud storages that you have enabled (click on the PLUS to add more options.

That's it