Is there a way to make topic-to-topic links work in Topic Notes in the HTML5 export?

Nick D. shared this question 13 months ago

A topic hyperlink to another topic (in the same map) works fine when exported to HTML5. Presumably they are intercepted by the HTML5 script.

If I use a link to another topic in topic notes, these are not clickable when exported to HTML5. The browser wants to open them in the MindManager client. It looks like the original mj-map:// link.

Does anyone know if there a workaround to make topic links in topic notes work when exported to HTML5?

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Hi Nick,

I assume you're talking about topic note links to other topics in the same map. Oddly enough I was having trouble with this a while back, but to my surprise it now seems to be working.

Here's the link to dummy map I set up with hyperlinks from both topics and topic notes to topics within the same map. These all appear to work properly.


Thanks Alex, much appreciated. Knowing that it could work helped a lot. I found that it depends on the method used to create the link in topic notes. You cannot use a link created by "Copy as link".

When creating topic links in topics, you can right-click on the target topic and "copy as link", then right-click on the source and "paste link". This creates a topic-to-topic link that works locally and in the HTML5 export.

But if you right-click on a target topic and "copy as link", then highlight some text in topic notes, press Ctrl+K and then paste the link into the link editor, it produces a link that works in the local client, but not when exported to HTML5.

Instead you must highlight some text in the notes, press Ctrl+K, then use the link editor to browse to the destination topic. This works locally and when exported to HTML5.

This example shows that the URLs created by the two methods are very different, and the HTML5 export only handles one of them.


Hi Nick and Alex,

Thanks for the feedback here, this has been reported to our QA Team for further investigation.