Inherit tags

MC shared this question 14 months ago

I really like an option to inherit tags (and optionally other parent properties) to child.

I mean:

1. PROJ (tag: TAGX)

1.1 TASK 1 (tag: TAGX automatically inherited if option ON)

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This can be done via a Smartrule.

You have to do the effect on the Topics that belong to the Main (Proj) topic

I work in the dutch version but it looks like this:

Also see the movie.



Following on from Ary's response, there is a more detailed description in the following thread:

This discussion is about "inheriting" fill colours from parent topics rather than tags, but the principles are the same.


Thanks to all.

I'll try, even if it's seems a workaround.

In this case, for every parent you have to set a rule.

better than nothing, but in general an option to inherit some topic properties would be very useful to automate some process.


Unfortunately, yes, you do have to create a new rule for every parent, but you can save the first rule to the library as a template then add it back to the map multiple times, editing it each time to change the parameters.