API available in MM 22?

Chris C. shared this question 14 months ago

Is it possible to leverage an API in MindManager 22 to create maps? I've been trying to create maps from XML and CSV files using the Excel mapping tool, but it's too cumbersome (for me) and I'm hoping I can simply pull what I need from my XML/CSV files and send it to MM via a call.

thank you

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Hello Chris

Yes there is an API in MindManager 22 for Windows. The documentation is at:


You can create maps with:

  • MindManager macros which are built into MindManager, or
  • A MindManager Add-in as MindManager supports the IDTExtensibility2 interface used in Microsoft Office, or
  • An external programme such as a Microsoft Office macro, as MindManager provides a COM automation server.


Thank you!