Boundary bug crashes MM Windows 21.1

profkang shared this question 14 months ago

Create a topic with subtopics and put a boundary around it. Now zoom the map so that the boundary is off the screen. Then select the boundary. For me, MM always crashes.

I've attached a file that does this.

This is dangerous in a complex map that I'm presenting because if I accidentally click on a boundary that extends off the screen, crash it goes.

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This seems specific to this customized map theme, we'll address the issue with the next release. If you pick a different map theme you should not see the crash anymore.

thank you.


Thanks. I guess it's good that it's peculiar to one my templates.


I also have this problem, so far as I can determine, it is occurring when a boundary is selected that extends off screen. The map is standard map template with a custom theme in a org chart layout and it is published. However, the published version does not show any boundaries on the map which is another bug I think. I am using the latest MM21

Version: 21.1.231