Is there a Mindmanager template that resembles the Freemind layout?

Dirk O. shared this question 14 months ago
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when ever I try to use Mindmanger, I quickly run into difficulties due to its different layout of the mindmaps. I am used to Freemind and with that I simply get a lot more content onto my screen real-estate. And I find the default layout of Freemind much easier to read.

But as a Mindmanager noob, I had a hard time to adjust the existing default template to some things that resembles the Freemind default even closely.

Does anyone happen to have created such a "Freemind" template? And would`t mind to share?



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Could you share an example? Please place the image as part of the comment. That save a lot of time opening attachments.

I am sure you know you can import freemind files into MindManager for Windows?

And that you can save them as templates and add them to your template library?


Thx for your input - screenshots will take a while as I need to setup Mindmanager again first.

Yes, I am aware of the import function and I used it before. That is where my main impression came from that the visual of Mindmanager was so different from Freemind. Could get much less nodes onto my screen, node flow was less easy to read etc. With that changed layout, saving that as a template does not make a lot of sense. But that was some time ago and I explain this from memory. I will try again.


And what about a screenshot of a Freemind map?


That is easy. Picture is taken from this source forge page:

You can see how close the individual text nodes are together. It is a much more compact layout. Mindmanager spaces them much wider apart. The connecting lines feel also more smoothly.


Well I had to open your file reluctantly, since it comes from an unknown source.
Why not use the Image inside the message option. Faster, Safer and Easier for everybody.

The layout of your example freemind map is a standard radial map in MindManager for Windows.
You can optimize the layout via the ribbons Design and Layout in detail if still necessary.
This has always been possible and if needed, the helpfiles give detailed instructions.



Sorry about the .png file. First time usage of this forum.

I am aware that I can adjust the layout in Mindmanager. For that reason I am asking if some body has already created a default layout template that resembles the FreeMind style. Last time I tried Mindmanager I stopped using it as I failed to get that done within a reasonable amount of time.


A template for the example you shared can be made within 10 minutes.

Once the map layout looks the way you wanti it... Just SAVE AS a TEMPLATE (MMAT file) remember where you store it.

Next go to the template Library under File=> New and go to ADD TEMPLATE (top right corner of the screen.
From now on your template is available to you all the time.

Less than 10 minutes work.

If you need help.. and the help instructions are not enough... contact your local MindManager trainer.

( I am located in the Netherlands.)