Bidirectonal sync for Map RollUp

MC shared this idea 15 months ago
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Really need a bi-directional syncing in Map Roll Up

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Since Map roll ups are designed to support dashboards, I will not vote for this.

Bi drectional syncing would only clutter my structured way of work


I am always eager to learn from others.

Maybe you can explain why and how you would use it?

And maybe include images or a small video (inside the message and please not as attachments)


Hello Ary

  1. It would not work for rolled-up data, but rolled-up or calculated data is not editable anyway, in either a dashboard or source map.
  2. It would work where all the topics from a rolled-up map are reproduced in the dashboard. If this copy of the source map were synchronised with the original, it would be helpful to edit data in the dashboard, e.g. change the percentage complete of tasks. But there could be other formulas or Smart Rules in the source map that are not echoed in the dashboard map.
  3. ResultsManager did this over 15 years ago :) You could edit tasks in a dashboard and send changes back to the source map.


Not accidentally I'm an old user of ResultsManager!

I really like having portions of maps connected to each other, and editable in a synchronized way. It would be one of the most necessary features for me.

I often need to re-use same data in different ways and maps, and there's nothing worse than copying and pasting. There is an Addin that helps in that (MultiMaps), but Ii think that natively maps roll-up could do this, or comething similar.

Imagine you can "recall", view and update portion of map from several map...


Sometimes I have do-to lists from maps that roll-up and chewed as one larger Kansan view. Being able to add / amend the tasks have choose to have them synchronize down to the other map would be very helpful.