Feature comparison between Windows, macOS, and Web

Willie L. shared this question 15 months ago
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I'm running on macOS. Is there an up-to-date feature comparison sheet for these three? Would it be confident to say that based on features, Windows is the baseline, then macOS and finally Web?

I've subscribed and am mulling on getting Parallels to use Windows but would like to know what I'd get.

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There's a comparison chart on the Pricing page on the MindManager website: https://www.mindmanager.com/en/pricing/

At first sight this chart is a little confusing. It first compares the availability of the Essentials, One-time purchase, Professional and Enterprise versions across different platforms and then in terms of features. The Windows and Mac versions are lumped in together and the differences between them are not explicitly displayed. However, some are noted with a double asterisk, which denotes that the feature is available on the Windows version only. The footnotes also note that some aspects of "Core Capabilities" may vary "from platform to platform".