Capacity to plan task from right to left ?

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Is it possible in Mindmanager to pilote task from "right to left" ? To fixed the delivery date of the last task with interdependencies between tasks and duration of each task fulfilled.

When I try to modify the end date of the last task the duration of the previous tasks is modified instead of modifying the begining dates and kipping the duration that I fulfilled before.


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You can plan a project using the Gantt chart, remove the slack, then change the project end date in the Gantt chart window so that the last task ends on a specific date. This will give you the plan leading up to that date.


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So if I understand well it's not possible to manage the delivery date of different sub components or assembly in the same MAP (only one project end date in your proposal). For a better understanding of the topic, I attache a screenshot of my MAP and my GANTT PRO. I would like to manage the delivery dates of sub assembly 1 and sub assembly 2 and to see consequently the theorical begining date of the task 1-1 and 1-2 base on the cycles (duration) indicated for each task.

It gives me the feeling that the sequence of task is systematicaly positionned with a beginning date of the first task at today.

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You can manage the delivery date of sub-assemblies manually by adding task rollup to the map. A sub-assembly (or "summary") then appears as a line item in the Gantt chart, and you can drag the summary left or right to set its date. All the tasks contained in the summary will move as a unit, although individually they will still observe the working week.

In the screenshot below, "Task Rollup" has been enabled on the central topic. This causes task rollup to be applied to all topics in the tree that are not explicit tasks. It is indicated by the padlock on the progress icon.


In the Gantt window, you now get summaries (the black brackets) which contain tasks. You can click on "Assembly 2" and drag it left or right to set the desired end date of a group of tasks:


This enables you to manually control the end dates of groups of tasks. However at the moment the Gantt chart does not support dependencies between summaries or between summaries and tasks. It only supports dependencies between tasks. If you want automatic scheduling, you will need to create dependencies between the last task of one group and the first task of the successor.

If you apply task roll-up at the project level (the central topic in this example) then you can also drag the project summary forwards or back in the Gantt chart. which is an alternative to setting the project start date or end date.