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Ulf G. shared this question 16 months ago


about a month ago I purchased a on time purchase of Mindmanager. I'm about to reinstall Windows on my computer and as a check before I checked how to retreieve some special programs I have installed on the computer before I perfom the reinstallation after the. Mind Manager is one of them.

The problem is that I can not find any Licens key and when I log in here my account has no information about this. The invoice from my purchase doesn't have any information about license key.

I added the system information from my Mind Manager program below.

Product: MindManager (64-bit)
Version: 22.2.210
Mode: Normal
User Name: Ulf Olsson
Mindjet ID: none
OS: Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit version 6.3.19044
Tablet: supported; enabled
Multitouch: enabled
Internet Admin Flag: internet enabled
Database Linker (disabled)
Microsoft Excel Linker (enabled)
Microsoft Outlook Map Parts (enabled)
Microsoft Project Import and Export (enabled)
Smart Map Parts (enabled)
Sort Topics (enabled)
Save as Web Pages (disabled)
MPX Import (disabled)
Browser (enabled)
Analytic Views AddIn (disabled)
Brainstorming AddIn (disabled)
Excel AddIn (enabled)
FreeMind Import (enabled)
Gantt Pro (enabled)
Export HTML5 Maps (enabled)
OPML Import and Export (enabled)
Microsoft SharePoint Linker (enabled)
Word AddIn (enabled)
XMind Import (enabled)
File Explorer (enabled)
Internet Explorer Version: 11.789.19041.0
Default Browser: Msedge 107.0.1418.52
Microsoft Office Applications:
Word 16 64-bit
Excel 16 64-bit
Outlook 16 64-bit
PowerPoint 16 64-bit
Visio 11 32-bit

Best Regards

Ulf Olsson

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Hi Ulf,

I can confirm that you have a license tied to the email address you are using here. You should be able to install MindManager on your new system and sign in using the same email address to automatically enable the software on the new machine with no license key entry needed.

After signing into MindManager, you can click on your profile in the upper right corner to view your license key. We do not display license keys in profiles here on the community.

Let me know if you have any issues.