From a shared page is it possible to link to a specific topic in another published map?

Alf C. shared this question 2 years ago

I have several maps which reference other published maps and in many places it would be more of interest if I could link these big maps (some more than 500 topics in a mao and some is even flowcharts where callouts contain specific information with text included,¨

Would be nice if a future version would be able to link to the topic which contain that callout os the user would understand where in a huge map to look for information

I think it would be quite valuable if someone is writing a navigatable textbook on metabolic oathways

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I probably missed something about your question, because otherwise we can already do this.

You can link to a specific topic that is in another map. Right-click on the destination topic that contains the callout and "copy as link". Go to the other map, click the topic where you want the link, right-click and "Paste Link". Voilà.

You can also link directly to the callout.


I guess that the problem is specific to linking from the shared map?


Hello Alf,

Published Maps allow you to copy specific links to topics to the clipboard.

Try this -

  1. Publish 'Map B'
  2. View the Published Map in the browser
  3. Right click a topic (or callout) that you will like to link to and choose 'Link to this topic'
  4. Open 'Map A' in MindManager
  5. Paste the copied link from step 3 to the desired Topic(s).
  6. Publish 'Map A'.
    Now your links will point to other published maps and go directly to those topics.

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Thanx for the solution !!

Now I'm able to show links btw maps that visualize why keeping a balance btw food consumption in MJ (megajoules) and physical energy expenditure in MJ is so important in these days to make you able to fight infections :-D


You can also create two-way links by following the above process. Establish a link from Map A to a specific topic in Map B using the method above, then open the published version of Map A and right click on the topic you want to link to and create a link.

Then go to the source map for Map B, select a topic to link from and add the link. Save the map and then click on Publish and select Publish Update (Use Existing URL). Once the edited version of Map B is published you should have links both ways between the published versions of Map A and Map B.