How can I start learning about macros?

Pedro G. shared this question 15 months ago

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Hello Pedro. There is some documentation about the MindManager API at

There are two stages to learning MindManager macros. First is learning VBA macros, as the MindManager macro language is very close to Microsoft VBA. Next is understanding the MindManager object model, which is described in the above documentation. There are several Macro examples in this forum which can be found by searching for "macro".


Hi Nick, thank you very much.
Do you know some manual or web where I can learn VBA? There are quite a few, but if you could recommend one which is ok, I would appreciate.
My background, some years ago, I was a software developer, so I now more or less how to program.

Thank you in advance


Hello Pedro

It is difficult to find a VBA tutorial that is not also focused on one of the Microsoft applications such as Excel. The one at TutorialsPoint looks quite good, as it separates out the VBA language from the Excel object model.

The macro editor in MindManager is different to the VBA editor in Microsoft products but does a very similar job. You can browse the MindManager object model in the MM macro editor at Debug > Browse. By default, Macros have a built-in reference to the MindManager object model so you don't need any prefix before using MindManager methods or properties. You also don't need to clean up object pointers as this is done automatically.

The macro editor help file is also quite good as it gives example usage of every function. MindManager uses the WWB-COM version.

This simple macro creates a new map then adds five topics. If you can trace through the logic this then you have started programming in MindManager! I am including it as an image (not a macro file) so that you have the opportunity to type it in yourself :)