summarize some fields in only specific branches

Jörg S. shared this question 15 months ago


does anybody has an idea how I build the sum of a defined field that I have in a lot of branches, but I want only consider the branches with a specific name

For e.g. (s. attachement). I want to build the sum of the field "Diff_SWH_abs" but only for the branches with the name "Evang.Religionslehre". All considered branches are located in "Bildungsgänge"

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After looking at the map I’m not sure if you mean “topics” rather than “branches”, but if it’s the former there are a couple of ways to do this.

If there are only a few topics which meet the criteria and they are unlikely to change in number, you could simply just use the manual Insert Topic facility in formulas to add them one by one to the formula.

If however there are many topics and/or the number will be changing a lot, the situation is a little more complex. You could create a SmartRule which uses the topic text "Evang.Religionslehre" as a trigger to create a topic property with a value of 1 on every topic with that name. You then need to add a formula to each topic that multiplies this property (say we call it "Check") by the "Diff_SWH_abs" property to create a third property (say we call this "Check_Total").

Obviously these properties would need to be added to all topics, but only those topics which have a value for both the "Diff_SWH_abs" and "Check" properties will have a value greater than zero in the "Check_Total" property - on all other topics this should should be zero. All you need to do then is add a formula to the parent topic to sum this property in all descendants.


Hi Jörg,

Maybe another option is to Filter your map first and see if this gives you the result you need.
Ik can be that you need to save the filtered map with another name to get what you want.

You can save your filters with powerfilter for later use.


Thanks for your answers. Filtering is the easiest way right now, it worked so far quite good.

Thx and best regard, Jörg