Publish an HTML5 map to Teams or SharePoint.

Jörg B. shared this question 28 days ago

When I place an html5 map on Sharepoint (O365) or in the file directories of MS TEAMS and then want to open the map directly from Sharepoint or Teams I always get the message "Javascript is required". If I load the file from a local drive or a server drive the whole thing works fine although I use the same browser.
Does anyone have a solution for this problem?

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Hello Jorg,

The quick workaround is to change the file extension from .HTML to .ASPX.

If you are an Enterprise customer, we offer a native SharePoint Reader application that allows you to simply click on .mmap files in SP Document Libraries to view them in HTML format on-the-fly.

We also have the MindManager for Microsoft Teams app - Find the right app | Microsoft AppSource

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