Why is it taking 2 months to fix this known bug: Zip archive processing error Invalid file format

Alexandra O. shared this question 15 months ago

I have been engaged with customer support for MONTHS now regarding my inability to gain access to very important files due to Zip archive processing error, Invalid file format, directory record is not found, with no end in sight. I have done everything asked of me by the support engineers and I have no details on when I can get access to these files (files I have spent hours working on). Please let me know - this is the worst product experience I have had in a long time.

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Hello Alexandra. Only MindManager support can really answer this, not the community. But if you are looking for an unofficial workaround you are welcome to contact me at harportconsulting.com and we can try some technical brute force.


Hi Alexandra,

We have recently rolled out the fix for an issue causing zip archive errors upon opening a map file.

Can you please download the latest build 22.2.321 using link below:


Please let me know if this resolves thee issue.