how the eyedropper tool works?

Cleo H. shared this question 15 months ago

Hi, does anyone know how the eyedropper tool works?

I tried to use it to pick up color from other topics and sometimes it picked up the color and some not, I tried with a picture and there was no way to pickup the colors, is there a place to help me understand how it works?


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The eyedropper picks up a single pixel. Antialiasing or other graphical techniques can make it difficult to pick exactly the right colour when an object contains pixels of many colours. The eyedropper is easier to use if you increase the zoom level so that the target object is large enough to click on the desired colour with certainty.


Hi Nick, I made a Rectangle shape and then applied a zoom so all the screen is the color I need to pick, and it works, thanks a lot

Why is so different this eyedropper tool from the standard eyedropper tools from any program?

thanks a lot for yout time Nick