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Greg shared this question 34 days ago

I have an open map and have completed a search. Is it possible to drag a search item topic or map onto the current open map. When I tried the above, it shows the link dialogue box, but the link does not show on the new map.

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I can get this to work, but it seems very erratic, especially if you attempt to link to a topic in the search results rather than a map. When I did this it worked the first time, but subsequently whenever I tried to drag and drop another topic or even a map from the results onto the map it seemed "locked"to the first topic.

I had slightly more luck if I stuck to dragging just map links rather than topic links onto the map, but this doesn't always seem to work properly either. Sometimes the link dialogue box appears, other times it doesn't.

I think this all adds up to a bug.

However, you could also check under Show/Hide on the View ribbon to make sure that Link Icons and Link Titles haven't been hidden. Link Icons will appear if you tick them only in this list, but Link Titles need both Link Icons and Link Titles to be ticked for the titles to appear.


Hi Greg,

it's not possible to drag the topic from the search window into the map, but you can us the function "Send to" to add the results in the map. Move the links you need and delete the others.



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