Ideas for Mind Manager (My version is 22-2-209) - Save Button

Nicholas T. shared this idea 16 months ago
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There are two things this version desperately needs - love Mind Manager but I've seriously considered switching to other products because of these two simple requirements.

1. It needs a Save icon on the menu system. I cannot believe there is no way to Save a work in progress map either through a Save Icon or a short cut key. Selecting File Sale from the drop down is slow and cumbersome

2. There should be a prompt to Save a work in progress map before exiting. It's too easy to click the back button and lose all the work you've done since the last Save. Mind Manager lets me work super quick such that I add 10 to 20 thoughts before I remember to Save.

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Does this refer to MindManager for Windows or a different platform?


In Windows version, just click ctrl-S

You could look up the whole set of keyboard shortcuts under HELP ribbon => MindManager HElp twistie triangle, with more options

If you close MndManager it does request to save the map.


Hi Ary,

I am using the web version - I think you guys call it Mind Manager Essentials.

Can it be done in this version?

Happy to upgrade and pay for another version if someone can tell me how I can get a credit back for the six month subscription left on my account (renewal is 2023-05-23).


MM Essentials is purchased via the Cleverbridge webshop (as far as I know)

The price is € 99,00 per year excl vat if you are in Europe. The rest of the 6 Months subscription is € 50,00.

If you don't need the benefits of Professional immediately, why not wait for 6 months?

You would want MM Professional, That includes Desktop, Essentials and more. Price € 169,00 ex vat per year.

Try and find a local reseller they can always help you in person.