I want to make the entire topic a clickable link to a URL, is this possible?

Michael G. shared this question 6 months ago

You know if you add a link to a topic it creates a little internet browser icon within the topic? If you click that icon it takes you to the webpage? Is it possible to make it so that if the user clicks anywhere on the topic they'll be taken to the link?

My use case is I'm trying to make a navigation map for my team. Instead of having to click the tiny icon to get to the sharepoint page they want to go to would rather have the whole topic be a clickable link. Thoughts?

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Hi Michael,

Yes you can do this with Publishing or HTML5 export

For publishing

  1. Publish the map
  2. Click Advanced Options
  3. Check the box for Clicking Topic Opens Link (Applies to topics with one link only)
  4. Send the share link to your team, here's an example: https://share.mindmanager.com/#publish/xZ1Nzpz56ElPzjGScH9ZiLUl0x3svB0uGLWsRNk0

For HTML5 Export

  1. Go to MindManager Options
  2. Click the HTML5 Export section
  3. Click Use Custom Settings
  4. Check the box for Clicking Topic Opens Link
  5. Click OK
  6. Export your map and send it to your team
  7. Done


Thanks, this is good to know. Unfortunately my organization is not comfortable with maps being stored in MindManager servers. I'm saving to SharePoint and using the SharePoint add in to display maps on Modern SharePoint pages. Doing it this way I don't think I have the option of making the whole topic clickable unfortunately, unless there's another way you could point me to. (I don't think the HTML5 will work because I need to be able to embed on a SharePoint page where the MindManager app is installed)


Hi Michael,

Jan posted a guide on how to display maps in SharePoint here: https://share.mindmanager.com/#publish/zMXjMJyxWTOA7uza7ZPVG-CrRdH-ByR66bkHEDnh

Unfortunately if you can't use publishing then your only option for this feature is to use HTML5 export. For your SharePoint use case, you'll need to host the HTML5 export files somewhere within your own network to display them in SharePoint using the embed feature.


When I try to embed the HTML5 URL the hour glass just spins and doesn't load the view. Any ideas? If I can figure out how to embed the HTML5 on a sharepoint page this will solve my problem based on the instructions you've provided.

thanks for the help, I really appreciate it


Hi Michael,

I'm not certain this will work but one workaround I tried in the past is changing the file extension for the HTML5 exported file to .aspx. Please try that and let me know if it worked.




I tried, unfortunately I get a "Unfortunately something went wrong. File not found". Another way of copying the file just says "This file doesn't have a preview we can show you".

Thanks for trying.