Copy and paste only selected Topics into other programs

marc s. shared this idea 19 months ago
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I want to select a subset of topics, copy them, and paste them into another program. In this example, attached, I pasted them into Google Sheets.

Expected: See only those topics that I selected.

Actual: Upon pasting, I see the top-level topics and all of their child topics.

Outcome: I now have to clean up the pasted test to delete those topics that I don't want to paste into the other document.

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In any mindmap the topics you select consist of the topic name and their subtopics.
For me the behaviour is just as expected.

Something in your video is a bit strange though.

You select on your MAC only 3 topics but the paste gives you a result with 4 topics.

On my windows vs 22 this goes OK just the 3 I selected are pasted.... so Support may want to look into that