Mac: How do I export selected topics?

marc s. shared this question 21 months ago
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Hi -

Is there a way to select several topics and export only those as HTML-5, Word, PDF, Image, Text?

In the Mac version, it seems that upon export, Mindmanager exports the entire map.

As a workaround, I can copy the selected topics to a new Map and export that new one--That's a hassle.

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Hi Marc,

There is no easy way to select topics and export only those to HTML -5, Word, PDF, Text.

As another workaround, you can create a filter to hide other topics and export to HTML-5, PDF with exception of Word.

Since we have hierarchical maps where topics are attached to Main topic and Subtopics so it looks like it is as designed where users are not able to export selected topics to MS. Word.
I would suggest to add this as an idea and let others vote that will help us in prioritizing the ask.