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I am writing to see if anyone has a good insight on a software approach to creating an index of all the Mindmap files on my computer.

Let me say up front that I am not talking about the search feature built into Mindmanager. I have a lot of experience with this feature and use it where it makes sense. And, while I know I can point it toward my C: Drive and have it real time go through all the Mindmanager files on my computer, that would take a very long time given all amount of data on my computer.

Nor do I want to move all my Mindmaps from the existing folders that I have on my computer to put in a single location because I have those mixed with other file types in different buckets that make sense for my work.

What I am talking about is a piece of software that crawls through the files on my computer and builds a fast, searchable index of the key content in those files. Software that is then tuned to do very fast searches on the search index it created. For the software I have used like this in the past, I just set it to run updates of the index during those hours I am sleeping at night. After the first end-to-end index, the updates to the index actually get fairly fast because it is just looking for new files or files that have had changes on them since the prior update of the index.

In the past, I have used two pieces of software for this. The first is Archivarius 3000 which still can do that to this day. But, the developed has not done anything with this software for years. And, it is like using a Ferrari with the complexity of a Space Shuttle interface when I am just looking for a tool to do a very specific task and as simply as possible.

The second tool that fit this description was an add-on that make it that Copernic Desktop Search could see and index Mindmanager files. But, that add-on has not be actively developed for years. Frankly, that would be my preferred approach.

Actually, my favorite outcome is that Mindmanager itself built an search indexing database option directly in their software. I would happily pay for this as an add-on to Mindmanager as well if they did not want to include it into the core program.

Anyone out there have some piece of software that I am not aware that is helping them quickly search through all their Mindmap files when they have a large volume of them??


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This is a really important topic. As a start, it would help to have a better idea of what can be achieved today with Windows search.


I think part of the simple start on this is the fact that .mmap files are essentially zip files.


Unless something better is brought up as an option, I am going to engage Copernic and see if an updated utility for looking at .mmap files by their software can be developed. But, again, the slickest would be something that could right inside of Mindmanager in the "Find" area as maybe a paid addon.