Is there a limit to the size of a screen print pasted into Notes?

phyllis.schmoller shared this question 18 months ago

It appears that the size of the pasted screen print affects the amount of time it takes to save the changes to Sharepoint.

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Sounds logical to me. If you add an image with a lot of pixels, they all have to be transfered to sharepoint.

You can improve that with faster hardware and network. Or reduce the image size in pixels.


Hello Phyllis,

When saving MindManager files to SharePoint, the entire file is uploaded with each save and the time it takes depends on your Internet Bandwidth and the performance of the SharePoint Server.

As Ary suggested, it would be ideal to reduce the size of your image before adding it to your topics or topic notes.

Also, under File>Info - you will find feature 'Compress All Images for Web'. This will reduce the size of images added to your topics and reduce the file size of the map overall, which should help with performance when saving to SharePoint.

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