When - and why - are File Explorer Map Parts being replaced?

Alex G. shared this question 16 months ago

My original question about the failure of File Explorer Map Parts was only partly answered. The response indicated that the feature would be removed in the next update, to be replaced - eventually - by a ribbon-based version, but did not discuss the cause of the original problem with this simple but effective facility.

More importantly, there hasn’t been a reply to my follow-up question about when exactly the replacement version of this important feature might be provided. The phrase “going forward” strongly suggests that this will occur sometime in the future, and not in the same “upgrade” in which the now-defunct map parts facility will be removed.

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This has been answered in a further response to my original question.

To clarify, the ribbon-based option is already present. I had become so used to the map parts option that I'd forgotten it was also on the ribbon.