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Daniel B. shared this question 16 months ago
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Hello dear community,

is it possible to save the position of the cursor within a Mindmanager file (similar to MS Office)?

We are using quite big mindmaps from time to time so this function would be very useful.

Maybe we simply didn't see a specific checkbox ...?

We would be very glad if anyone could help us with this.

Thanks a lot in advance!



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Option 1: Go to the Review tab on the ribbon and under Comments add a comment to the relevant topic. When the map is opened again you can click on Next under Comments to be taken to this topic.

Ideally you would then delete this comment, but even if you don't and you set an additional comment you can click on Next again to be taken to the most recent comment. Of course, this approach assumes that you're not using comments for any other purpose.

Option 2: purchase the MAP add-in, which has a feature which does exactly what you want. While it may be overkill to buy MAP just for this facility, it has a lot of other features which are very useful, though unfortunately the oldest version it is available for is MM 20.