Is there a way to save an existing .mmap or mind manager file as a pdf through a CLI command?

Ferreira E. shared this question 18 months ago
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I am working on a project, and to speed up the process I need to save existing mind manager map files with the .mmap extension as a pdf. I would prefer to do this without having to open the actual mind manager program and do it through the command prompt with a cli command. I was looking at the guide by mind manager and their given CLI commands, but I don't know their functions. Any chance anybody knows what command would save the file as a pdf in the command window? Just let me know.


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MindManager has no export to PDF anymore.
The better alternative in MindManager is to Export (or Publish) to HTML5 pages. They are interactive and safe.
You store them local or in the cloud.

Just out of curiosity... Why would you save all your maps in pdf? Maybe you have use-case that I could use?


It was just requested by higher ups to be in pdf, but the HTML5 is way better in my opinion. Is there a CLI command for printing the file in pdf then? I'm also wondering what the CLI command is for exporting to html5? Let me know if you have any ideas? Thanks!