Automatically change text in one topic, which is then mirrored to another sub-topic.

Andrew M. shared this question 16 months ago
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I was wondering if it were possible to automatically change text in one topic, to be automatically reflected in another topic.

For example, say I change topic A text to "helloworld!", would it be possible for a sub-topic (B) to now also say "helloworld!" as well, automatically?

If this were also possible to do this with only part of a string, rather than the whole string, this would be amazing:

for example, for topic A, "hello" would now be the the part that changes: starting with [hello]world!, now changing the "hello" to "yes". helloworld! -> [yes]world!

Thus, we get "yesworld!" as sub-topic B's output.

Hopefully that makes sense.

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This doesn't seem possible, at least without writing a macro.

Using a combination of SmartRules and formulas it is possible to use topic text in one topic as a trigger to add a tag or a topic property in another topic, but unfortunately not to add or alter topic text.


If you are using MindManager for Windows, Olympic's Topic Tracker add-in might help: