Where is the Inspector?

Michael S. shared this question 16 months ago
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I have found a lot of sources that describe a so-called "Inspector" in MindManager.

I work with Version 21.0.261, and I cannot find this "Inspector."

Background: I like to change the format of a topic. I can do that by selecting the topic - Format -Topic shape - Format Topic....

Not very handy but OK. Now I found the thing with the "Inspector" which would be much more convenient, provided you find out how to open this "Inspector".

I refer to this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKZl9N13D-A

Is this option no longer available or is there a special setting to have access to that option?

Thanks for any help!


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Inspector is a MAC feature.
You are on Windows with MM Version 21.0.261


Ah, ok thanks for that info.

Are there any plans to implement this feature in the windows version?


As said, This is a MAC-OS feature.

You can see in the video that the layout has 3 coloured dots above left.

Thus a MAC-OS Screen.

Your question "Are there any plans to implement this feature in the windows version?" should go to Microsoft to change or simulate that functionality in MS WIndows


I can see that in the video, MindManager runs on a MC-OS. And I can see that MindManager has is a different menu bar in the MC-OS.

I didn't realize that the design of the software's menu bar depends on the OS.

Therefore I assumed that it should be possible to implement this feature in the Windows version of MindManager. At least it's just about how you set parameters without opening-closing and re-opening the dialogue box for each object you like to change the parameter. Doesn't sound like rocket science. In Adobe Illustrator e,g, such things are standard, even in the Windows version.

But ok, maybe I will get an Apple in my next company 😁

However, thanks for the information; at least I can stop searching for a solution.