Dependencies between groups of tasks

martin l. shared this idea 21 months ago
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There is a great feature for creating dependencies between tasks however it has a limitation that it doesn't extend to groups.

Am I alone in thinking that it would be very awesome to be able to create dependencies between groups?

figure 4 below is mockup of what I was trying to achieve:


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I think the way this should work is that dependencies within each group should be optional, but either way each group’s sub-tasks should roll up so that the group start date is set by the earliest sub-task start date, and similarly the group due dat is set by the last sub-task due date.

Also, if you have dependencies between two groups at the group level you should not be able to set dependencies directly between an individual sub-task in the first group and one in the second. If you do this, the dependency at the group level should be cancelled, and vice versa.