Implement Jupyter Notebook cells with Python in Topics

Joshua T. shared this idea 19 months ago
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MindManager can be expanded into the data science/engineering market by implementing Jupyter cells in topics. The current formulas functionality is not great but there is and entire open source world freely available with python and Jupyter. You can perform any computations you could dream of with all the free python libraries already established. The entire engineering and mathematics world is already moving or has moved to Python and heavily using Jupyter Notebooks. MindManager would be the perfect platform to move these to the next dimension with mind maps and an infinite canvas. There would be no better tool out there to organize and compute science and engineering projects. There is a limited window to be on the forefront of this here as CoCalc's Whiteboard has made a first tentative step in this direction. If Mindmanager were to implement this they could become a monster in the data science/engineering world.

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If MindManager developers consider implementing something like your suggestion, I urge them to do that in a separate Add-in.
The main reason is the huge hardware resources it would require to have python libraries (interpreted) included.

When an addin is used endusers can determine if they want it yes/no