HTML5 map is not displaying on Sharepoint 365

emonterog shared this question 19 months ago

I have created a map with an oncall rotation plan for my team and share that with sharepoint 365. I exported the map to HTML format and then upload the map to a location on the sharepoint with a link but when clicking on the link it is not displaying the map, instead shows message Javascrip required. I went to configuations to ensure javascript is enable but the issue persist. Only way to visualize the map is to click download and open the file. Is there a way to workaround this? would be more elegant the map can be seen once you click the link isntead of clicking 2 times to to download. Any suggestions?

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For MindManager Enterprise customers, we offer a SharePoint Reader Application that allows for viewing any MindManager Map file stored in document libraries in HTML5 format directly within SharePoint. If you are an Enterprise customer or are interested in becoming one, please contact your MindManager account manager and/or preferred reseller.

I've also run into this limitation with not being able to view HTML files directly in SharePoint and I believe SharePoint does not allow for this. One workaround that worked in the past (not sure about today)., is to change the file extension of the HTML file to .ASPX.

Another suggestion is to use the MindManager Publishing feature and provide a link to the published map in SharePoint.




Thank you Marian. Changed to ASPX and worked perfectly.