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Hi All

I am a Data Architect and I have mindmanager on my Lenovo Yoga.

Firstly, I would really like to utilise my pen when mindmapping. Mindmaps started as freehand drawings and it is a very natural and organic way to build them. There are many other apps that have solved the problem of digitising pen input.

The pen can already be used like a mouse to add a new node but it is a bit award and clunky. There is also the need to revert to the keyboard for text input. The problem of converting freehand script to digital text was solved many years ago.

Secondly, mindmaps benefit from visual attachements such as drawings etc. to embellish the text. I am current using V19 as I do not need the functionality offered in later versions. Diagraming is a key workshop technique and often people relate to more 'organic' style more so than pictures drawn with tools such as Visio and Powerpoint.

Finally, I work with a team of Enterprise Architects and we use models such as Business Capability Models and Logical Data Models. I am a Data Modeller of many years experience and have often wished that I could annotate a data model with a mindmap in a workshop environment. Such rich information capture would reduce workshop time (an expensive proposition when you have 10 client executives at the table!). I also think that such annotations would make it much easier for customers to understand the content long after the workshop has ended as the branches would use names and words familiar to them and present a logical flow.

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I will not vote for this, because it has 3 suggestions and I only approve one of them.


Could you share an example or mock-up of an annotated Business Capability Model diagram?

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