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Ryan.Liljestrand shared this question 17 months ago

What is the difference between the "green" save icon and the File/Save option?

We are noticing maps stored/worked on from SharePoint then exited (allowing for auto-save) or saved via "green" save icon do not have their history in SharePoint updated. But those "hard" saved (File/Save) do. Why is this?

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Hi Ryan,

The green save icon indicates whether the file has been autosaved. When you manually click the save button you will immediately send the current state of the file to Sharepoint, which will create a version that you can see in SharePoint. If you do not manually click the save button, then the file should still be sent back to SharePoint but it happens after everyone is done editing and closes/leaves the file so there could be some delay. If everyone has closed and left the file and you still don't see a new version in SharePoint after several minutes there could be a defect or other technical issue preventing the normal behavior. If this is the case, please open a technical support ticket so we can further investigate the issue.