How to upgrade from MindManager 18 to 21?

Steen S. shared this question 15 months ago
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I hold licenses for a single copy of MindManager 18 as well as MindManager 21. I just purchased the latter.

After installation I end up having both installed. MindManager 21 doesn't know about "my stuff and settings".

What is the method to achieve the actual upgrade?

Did I take a wrong turn during installation?



Steen Suder

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If you have upgraded from within the MM18 version, most of your settings are moving to the latest version.

However with MM21 there is the licenseserver in control.

You have to login to that using the instructions you received in your purchase info.

And in the MindManager website support download section there are some documents available to help you get your stuff and esettings moved

Good luck


Hello Steen,

Adding on to Ary's reply - When you install a newer version 'on top' of an existing version, most of your settings are carried over to the version. Examples include settings in MindManager Options and items in File>Recent.

If you need additional assistance, you may may open a case with our Support Team here - MindManager Support

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