Create a baseline and quantify delay on taks

Alvaro V. shared this question 9 months ago
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Is there anyway to set a baseline on a project, and the quantify the delay of a task?

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Most projectmanagers I know, use properties in MindManager to define the baseline(s) and results to compare.

This is easy, fast and you can define whatever you think is important

An example can be found in the Tutorials (see the Help Ribbon)


Thanks for your answer Ary. I have tried with properties but the process is manual, that is to say, I insert the actual due date and then in another property I put the delay, that would be the subtraction between actual - scheduled due date. But I would like to know is there is anyway to automate this process?

  • I assume you know automation can be done in various ways

  • you know that you can create Mapparts to re-use?
  • And Create your own template already filled with the formula's you need?
  • You know how to use smart rules?

Take care though... Calculating with dates is not yet implemented with standard Mindmanager. You need the MAP addin from Olympic limited for that.