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Ron A. shared this idea 19 months ago
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I am the lead for BD and Capture for my company and I want to use the same tool for Bidding, creating WBS / BOE, and the actual program management of these tasks (after we win). In MS Project you have a Resource Management view that allows you to see the full effort as tasks relate to each individual. I can easily add Personnel or take them away in Project. With MM I have a hard time and recently opened a ticket just to walk through the process to aid personnel to an effort if I did not do it from the beginning. Also, I would like the ability to define a work package (using WBS vocabulary) and have multiple engineers assigned to the work package but be able to break the task out separately. As it stands right now, all engineers inside the work package will have the work (effort) evenly distributed between them. It would be nice to be able to specifically assign an LOE to each eng in the work package without creating a subtopic.

It would be great to see the total LOE for each individual on the total opportunity so you can see if they are on a critical path within themselves. If they leave what areas of this effort does it affect? I am more than happy to talk it out if you desire. So many areas this could resolve. Thank you!

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Although I have been a large scale project manager for many years, several of your abbreviations I have never heard of.

Can you explain with images what you mean?