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Ron Y. shared this idea 21 months ago
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I find the icon for "Notes" that appears as associated with a topic to be much better in Legacy than latest Mind Manager.

I find myself always switching to the Legacy view for Notes. I hope MindManager will at least keep this option as part of the go forward.

The legacy Notes appear neatly beside a topic and do not add any vertical dimension to the topic. The new Notes are added to the bottom of a topic in their own and new line. This adds vertical dimension to topic taking up a lot more real estate on the map and screen; especially if you have many notes. In my view, maps with notes attached are much cleaner looking in legacy version than in new version.

The same could likely be said about a few other elements of the new MindManager that add more vertical dimension to maps.

So I am asking MindManager to keep the legacy version of Notes display as an option for users going forward. I am also asking MindManager to consider how much vertical dimension and map screen real estate and busyness they are adding when moving map elements and icons, etc. from and inline display beside the topic to new lines beneath or above the topic.

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@NickDuffil response to another post gives you what you want:

" As a workaround, have you tried changing your map to the "legacy" Topic Info display format?

View > Topic Info > Topic Info Display Settings > Legacy "


Hi Ron,

please create you personal template with the legacy style. This is the easiest way to go back to the display style you like.

If you want to know how to design, create and save your own templates we can do an individual MindManager online training.

write to me

Best regards, Andreas


a template map im legacy style for you


Legacy is so much cleaner than modern. I've been with Mindmanager since the early 2000s; I'm a long-time fan. Please keep the legacy style.