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christian-hostettler shared this question 23 months ago
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For capturing and editing information, a map is ingenious. It gets difficult when you want to make the results of your work accessible to others.

Mindmanager offers to do this online, people praise the possibilities of HTML5, etc. The result is since years CATASTROPHAL.

Mindmanager can put simple little "Pippifax_Maps" online, as soon as it gets more complex - and JUST THEN such a sharing possibility would be the way of choice! - the tool fails completely.

Well, therefore my question to the supporters and tech masters in Alzenau: What can I do here to provide my customer with the elaborately created map (without them also contributing financially to this bug project?) ;)

Nice greetings and thank you in advance for surely announcing another time the solution with the next version. As for years.....


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I do agree that the HTML5 export should make it possible to solve the issue that topic's cover other topics.

Your question: "What can I do here to provide my customer with the elaborately created map (without them also contributing financially to this bug project?) ;)"

  • You could consider to collapse your map before export to HTML5.
    You could show your audience how to use the presentation view.
    You could show them how to use the filter options in the HTML5 document
    You could consider to include comments like "So sollte die Struktur sein, resp. ...."" in text notes, to create a less cluttered map.

Hope this helps ;-)


Hallo Christian,

mit welcher MM Version arbeitest du? Dein HTML-Export sieht aus wie mit V2 gemacht 😲 Sieht aus als, ob deine .mmat Vorlage falsche Abstände im Layout definiert hätte oder du hast Hauptzweige manuell mittels Knotenpunkt verschoben oder die Abstände von freien Anmerkungen sind zu klein.

Gibt es mehrere Startpunkte?

Mach mal "Map ausgleichen" - Entwurf

Beispiele von mir, die nicht so "Pippifax" sind

  1. Infografik Workshop
  2. Brauprozess
  3. Chronologie Bauprojekt

Liebe Grüße



Hi Christian,

Apologies for the poor display of your document, the result you are showing is not the desired experience. There is ongoing effort to resolve these types of issues in the HTML5 export, publishing, and web based application. As this particular issue seems to be specific to your document it will require us to investigate using your document. Please do one of the following:

I hope we can resolve this issue for you in a timely manner.


As a workaround, have you tried changing your map to the "legacy" Topic Info display format?

View > Topic Info > Topic Info Display Settings > Legacy