One of the new colleagues did not get an email invitation when she was registered as a user.

Diane S. shared this question 22 months ago

When my colleague told me she didn't get the invitation to use MindManger when her membership was registered, I deactivated it and tried again. She hasn't received anything.

What do you recommend?

Diane Schepers

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Hello Diane,

If your colleague is not seeing anything in the Junk / Spam folders in her inbox, the next step would be to contact our support team -

MindManager Support

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Hi Diane,

I'm guessing when you say "when her membership was registered?" you mean that you assigned her a license from the admin portal? If not please provide more clarity on what the steps you took so far.

Most users will need to create their own MindManager account, which can be done by going here: and clicking Create Account. This must be done even if you assign a license because the user needs to create their password. Once they create their account their license will be ready to use if you already assigned it from the admin portal.

Hope that helps!