Getting a Zip archive processing error on all files

Jason B. shared this question 18 months ago
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I just installed MindManager (it is the only tool my company will allow for this kind of product).

The only function it appears to perform well is to create unusable files. Your product rendered two hours worth of work inaccessible. Creating a new chart goes smoothly, but closing and reopening the chart does not. I am receiving a "Zip archive processing error: invalid file format, directory record is not found."

I feel like a cast member from Game of Thrones. You know the one - the slaughtered villager. How can I get my work to open?

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Hello Jason,

Sorry to hear you are experiencing issues with MindManager, it appears you have a faulty installation.

The first thing to try is to update to version 22.1, which still accepts your version 14 license key and / or subscription. You can 'Check for updates' under the Help button or download from our site here -

MindManager Product Download Library

Please let us know if this fixes the issue.

Best reards,



Thank you. Unfortunately, your suggestion failed to resolve the problem on either the Mac or PC.

Sharing the impacted files is not an option for us.

I am going to forego using this product and find another path.