Csaba H. shared this question 20 months ago

Hi, I have a Mind Map that has many sub-topics. I use the "Radial" layout.

As you can see on the screenshot, the content is positioned only in the middle of the board. I see no option to change it. Is there a way to better position the content on the left and on the right? There is a lot of space on the left and on the right too.

I tried to manually position the topics, but as soon as I drag them, it gets disconnected from the rest.

Any idea how to make better use of the space?



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One option -out of many- that may help is the use of =>Design => Balance Map


Hi Csaba,

It looks like you might be using MindManager Web, which does not yet have the balance map command. For now you will need to either drag and drop your topics from one side to the other (see video) or as you are building the map you can click the button on the left side of the topic to adde them topics to the left side instead of the right (see video).


Thank you for your replay, however none of these tips solved the problem! MindManager is still wasting a large amount of space on both sides. I have to print this on a A0 poster for a Workshop. But I can't present the mind map like this to my clients.