MindManager 22.2 crashes after I go into Pen Mode and add a topic

Alison D. shared this question 22 months ago

I have just installed MindManager 22.2 which I am using on my work Dell 2-in-1 laptop. When I go into Pen Mode and add a handwritten topic, I can enter the topic, then the application first hangs and then crashes completely.

I have a Windows 10 laptop - started with the 64 bit version, but when I had issues, I de-installed it and tried the 32 bit version. I get exactly the same issue with both.

I have used earlier versions of MindManager on my personal Microsoft Surfaces and other previous tablet PCs with no issues.

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Update - I have downloaded and installed MindManager 21, which has exactly the same issue.

The Dell pen is fine for me in other applications e.g. OneNote.


Hello Alison,

For assistance with this issue, please open a case with MindManager Technical Support here -

MindManager Support

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