Create and use Map Part for labels

Wendelin S. shared this question 16 months ago

I was able to create a map part with a label, however I was not able to reuse it.

My use case:

I try to document our IT infrastructure with its applications (nodes) and the dataflow (edges) and the concept map seems a good fit for this use case.

In this case I would use a topic as application and the dataflow as label. Both topic and labels contain properties and I would like to reuse them.

I was able to create a reusable map part for applications, however a reusable map port for the labels seems not possile.

Do you have an idea why?

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I tried this and I was able to create a mappart including Properties in Labels as well as in Topics

And I was able to re-use that mappart in both the same concept map as well as in a new concept map

The mappart does not connect to the central (first topic) of the new map.

There must be something else different in your approach. May be a step by step how you do it processmap can help?


Hi Ary

Thanks for your quick reply. I recorded a Loom Video in order to get a better understanding on my use case.

Do you have an idea how I can re-use map parts on labels?


I see.

You made a mappart of Just the Label

I did it a bit different...

if you create a mappart with both Topics and the label on the relationline They can be reused including the properties.

If someone else finds a way to do what you want, I'd like to know

Else you can consider make this into an idea (new post) and development can see if it is possible and maybe place it on their Whishlist.


If you hold down the Shift key while dragging a map part from the Map Parts gallery, you can drop it on a relationship as a label.


Hi Nick, I didn't know about this. This is working for me now. Thank you very much!