Getting numbers from Resource Chart

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I have searched the forum but not found a similar question, so:

I have made a plan for my project with subprojects. Resources work in each project. I asigned each in work packages and gave the packages efforts. In the Gantt I can switch to Resource Chart and see for each person a "heat map" with the load of each person per week.

Can I get the underlying hours per week for each person?

I work in a matrix structure and I get asked how much resources I need (forecast). For that I need the digets, so that I can discuss the needed time.

I know that it is not perfect because effort and durration are not the same.

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You can export the "Grid report" as a file, from the Resource Chart view. This is a CSV file that can be opened with Excel. The resources are grouped together, so it should not be too hard to separate and make a total of the effort column for each resource.