Spaces between words disappear after moving to another note

Raz E. shared this question 22 months ago

Strange bug- maybe someone can help?

In some topics, whenever I write a Note, everything looks fine while I write, but then when I come back to that note afterwards, all space between words simply disappear.

So it looke like this: Thisisasentencethatwaswrittenfinebutnowhasnospaces!!

Clearly its a bug... what can I do? It doesnt happen in all topics- tried format painter.... is there a place where the notes formatting is defined?

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Hello Raz,

I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing issues with Topic Notes. I do not recall receiving reports from any other customer on this issue.

There are no settings for Notes formatting, the control accepts both plain text and RTF formatted text.

For next steps, please open a case with our support team and provide information on your system configuration, how text is being entered (typed or copied/pasted and whether it's plain text for RTF/HTML formatted text), and copies of the affected Maps if possible.

MindManager Support

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